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    Freshwater East and West Beaches

    Freshwater West and East are two beaches only some10 miles apart on the south coast of Pembrokeshire. The west beach lies along the B4319 road near to the Castlemartin MOD firing range. Freshwater East is a village, near to the towns of Lamphey and Pembroke, on a cliff overlooking the east beach.


    Freshwater West Beach - location of Dobby's 'grave'
    Freshwater West Beach, Pembrokeshire


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    Freshwater West (sat nav Postcode SA71 5AH)

    Freshwater West is a vast, golden expanse of sand stretching beneath rugged cliffs and undulating dunes, with some of the best surfing waves in Pembrokeshire. This south-westerly facing beach is also a sun worshippers dream, weather permitting! Behind the beach is an extensive system of dunes which are environmental sensitive. The authorities do not allow camping or barbeque.  And at dusk, it is a great place to just sit and watch the sun slowly disappear below the horizon.

    Freshwater West offers more than just surfing. Gentle rock pools teem with life, inviting curious explorers to delve into their secrets. Quiet coves beckon with calm waters, perfect for family picnics and peaceful paddling.

    Hollywood Films and Movies at Freshwater West

    Freshwater West has played host to Hollywood magic, including Robin Hood's swashbuckling adventures to the poignant finale of Harry Potter. It was at Freshwater where Dobby, the beloved house elf, died and was buried.It has also 'starred' as the location for the Dunkirk scenes in the 2015 Gemma Arterton and Sam Claflin film, Their Finest.

    Freshwater West Beach is more than just a stunning expanse of golden sand and crashing waves.Here are 5 unusual facts about this beautiful beach.

    1. Smugglers' Cove: Freshwater West has a hidden history as a smuggler's haven. Its secluded coves and caves provided the perfect hideouts for contraband like brandy and tobacco in the 18th and 19th centuries. Look closely at the rocky outcrops, and you might still spot tell-tale signs of their activity!

    2. Hollywood Hotspot: Freshwater West has charmed the silver screen, appearing in two major films. It doubled as the dramatic backdrop for Dobby's Shell Cottage and Dobby's death in the film "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," and Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" also filmed several scenes here. Keep an eye out for familiar cinematic angles!
    3. Surfing Mecca: Freshwater West is renowned for its powerful waves, making it a surfer's paradise. But be warned, the currents can be treacherous, so it's only for experienced surfers. Witnessing their skilful rides amidst the foaming waves is a spectacle in itself.

    4. Dunes in Disguise: The vast sand dunes behind Freshwater West aren't just scenic; they're actually ancient! Formed over 6,000 years ago, they're home to rare plants and animals. Tread lightly and appreciate the delicate, environmentally sensitive ecosystem underfoot.

    5. Military Manoeuvres: Don't be surprised if you hear a distant boom while exploring Freshwater West. The nearby Castlemartin Range is a military training ground, and live-fire exercises sometimes take place. Just follow the safety instructions and enjoy the unique position of serene beach and military might.

    So, the next time you visit Freshwater West, remember, there's more to this beach than meets the eye. Its hidden history, cinematic appearances, and natural wonders make it a truly unique and captivating place.

    Where Did Dobby Die

    To this day, many visit Freshwater West to witness the location of the Harry Potter film where Dobby died. The National Trust is responsible for the Freshwater beach, a legally protected conservation area. However, it has allowed the Dobby Memorial to stay in its place (at least for the moment ) but they ask that 'Potterheads' take only photos and memories and do not leave 'tributes' of any kind on the beach. A 'must do' visit for Harry Potter fans.


    Freshwater West Beach Pembrokeshire - Where did Dobby Die - Dobby's Grave
    Freshwater West Beach, Pembrokeshire in Winter - Dobby's Grave


    Freshwater East (sat nav Postcode SA71 5LZ)

    Freshwater East village is situated next to a sheltered bay to the south of Lamphey. The sweeping sandy bay is backed by sand dunes and sheltered by the headland of Trewent Point. This is one of the finest beaches on the Pembroke coast and has something for everyone. It’s a great family beach with conditions generally safe for swimming, although there is no lifeguard service. The beach is also dog friendly, so feel free to bring the whole family.

    Freshwater East and West Beaches Map


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