Welsh Tapestry Blankets

Welsh tapestry blankets are woven in Wales using the traditional Welsh double-weave patterns with the skills, processes, methods and traditions of the past 100 years. These iconic tapestry blankets are as popular today as they have been for over 100 years.

They are large, heavy and iconic blankets almost guaranteed to keep you warm in all weathers and also to make a stunning addition to any room in your home. These blankets are made using a traditional double-cloth construction that hasn’t changed much since the mid-1880s. This double-cloth structure creates practical, hard-wearing blankets and bold reversible patterns that Welsh tapestry blankets have become famous for. Traditionally given as wedding gifts to be handed from generation to generation. Care for your tapestry and it will be part of your family heritage to pass on to your future generations. 

If you are looking to use these blankets as bedspreads and you want the blankets to drape over the sides of the bed, check our UK and Overseas Bed Size page - click here... Our Welsh tapestry blankets range from push chair and cot sizes as baby blankets, to single, double and king size blankets and can be complimented with a Welsh tapestry cushions in various sizes.