Welsh Blankets

Welsh blankets are traditionally woven and come in all sizes and colours that combine authentic Welsh tradition with innovative and modern design. Some are made with undyed (the wool is in its original natural colour) rare-breed wool such as Jacob, Llawennog, Ryeland and Welsh Black sheep wool and also from Alpaca wool. Other blankets are dyed and are woven in all colours.

The sizes of Welsh blankets vary from those suitable as a Baby Blanket to those which are large enough for double and king sized beds. Baby blankets in Welsh tapestry are available in cot and push chair sizes. We also have newly woven (non-vintage) but traditional Welsh tapestry blankets using traditional looms and skills and methods of yesteryear.

The sizes and weights of each blanket are noted on each product page. If you are looking to use these blankets as bedspreads and you want the blankets to drape over the sides of the bed, check our UK and Overseas Bed Size page - click here...

Welsh blankets are a handmade product woven on age old looms. Each blanket, if not unique, has a scarcity value which is unusual in these days of mass produced products.