• Welsh Tapestry Blankets and Cushions

    Traditionally Woven
  • Welsh Blankets and Throws

    Traditionally Woven
  • Hand Dyed Yarn

    Natural Botanical Plant Extracts
  • Natural Botanical Plant Extracts

    Weld Madder Indigo Lac Logwood

Welsh Blankets and Throws - Hand Dyed Yarn

Blankets and Throws

Traditionally woven Welsh blankets and throws including luxurious British Alpaca, Organic and merino lambswool blankets and throws. Our Welsh blankets also include Welsh Tapestry Blankets all of which are woven on traditional looms and created in limited numbers with personal care and attention. 

Hand Dyed Yarn

Our Welsh and British yarn are hand-dyed using natural botanical plant extracts on site at our FelinFach dye studio. Our bespoke recipes include traditional and natural dye stuff such as Madder, Weld, Indigo and Logwood. Whilst botanical dye is a more time consuming option there is a beauty and depth of colour to natural dye that becomes more beautiful with age.  All yarn is suitable for knitting, crochet and weaving .... whatever craft that needs yarn! 

Fashion and Gifts

 A range of supersoft pure new wool and merino lambswool accessories including cushions, ruanas, scarves and purses together with silk scarves. We also have a range of gifts from handmade books and diaries, together with the time and tested 'Gift Vouchers'.


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