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March 12, 2019 2 min read

What size blanket fits my bed?

Ten common questions about beds, bedspreads  and blankets sizes we hear at FelinFach are as follows;

  • What size is a double bed blanket size?
  • What blanket sizes in cms in UK?
  • What is a double bed blanket size in inches in UK?
  • What size throw or blanket for a king size bed?
  • What are UK bed and blanket sizes?
  • What is a single blanket size in inches?
  • What size throw for a double bed?
  • What is a bedspread size for double bed?
  • What is a bedspread for king size bed?
  • What is a bedspread size for single bed?

To understand the answers you need to know two things, what is the size of the bed and very importantly, do you want a blanket to 'sit on top of' a bed or do you want it to drape over the sides of a bed?

We are also asked what does "drape" mean in the context of beds and blankets? Drape means the distance a blankets falls from the bed surface to the floor. Some blankets merely lie flat on the bed surface whilst other drape towards the floor or even to the floor. The difference is the size of blanket needed to drape to the floor and merely lying on the bed is large.

Look no further, see below...

The standard UK bed sizes are as as follows;

3’0” x 6’3” (36 inches x 75) or 90cm x 190cm, Bedspread - 180 x  230 cms
4’6” x 6’3” (54 inches x 75) or 135cm x 190cm, Bedspread - 230 x  255 cms
5’0” x 6’6” (60 inches x 78) or 150cm x 200cm, Bedspread  - 255 x  280 cm

For a blanket to drape over the sides of a bed, look at each blanket size and add at least 24 inches to the width of the blanket. This will drape approx 12 inches over the edge of a bed on each side.

Blankets Sizes in Europe and North America

There are various differing sizes of beds in Europe and North America and even within countries such as the USA. 

To get the right size blanket for you bed, calculate as follows;

  • measure the top of the bed or and the depth of your mattress
  • if you want to drape your blanket, add the depth of the mattress to the top of the bed measurements and add 24 inches to the width of the blanket
  • if you don’t want the blanket to drape, simply measure the top of the bed or mattress and get a blanket with the nearest measurements to this

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds ten to be much wider than beds due to the arm rests. So make sure you only measure the mattress part of the sofa bed to get the right sized blanket

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