A large soft and warm Welsh blanket that is finished with a purled fringe. Traditionally woven in Wales, this is woven as a double weave cloth. This double weave design produces reversible blankets. Available in three colours, Marine Blue Latte, Ruby Mauve and Scarlet.  Each have a slightly different design, with the Scarlet woven in a section/part of the Caernarfon tapestry design. 

As a bed blanket it will drape over the side of a single bed by approx 45 cm on either side or approx 20 cm on either side with a double bed (seeUK bed sizes).  Also lovely on the sofa. 

Approx. size: Medium 175 x 150 cm - [70 x 55 inches] 
Approx. weight: Medium 1.4 kgs - [Medium 3.0 Lbs]

Approx. size: Large 220 x 150 cm - [Large 85 x 55 inches] 
Approx. weight: Large 1.8 kgs - [Large 4.0 Lbs]