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  • Wax Melts - Wax Candles - Soy Wax Melts

    Our FelinFach wax melts (also known as wax tarts) are made from eco-friendly soy wax and fragrance oils but with no dyes or additives. They are designed to be melted in a wax melts burner, a wax melter or a wax warmer. Simply add one wax melt to the reservoir well at the top of the wax melts burner and light with one of our unscented tealights. As the wax melts, it releases its fragrance. You can always add another wax melt to the reservoir if you think one is not sufficient to fill your space with fragrance.

    Combined Wax Melts and Tealights Offers – 10% Off

    A combination of 6 or 12 fragranced soy wax melts and together with 6 or 12 unscented soy wax tealights at 10% off the retail price of the individual prices. Choose your preferred fragrance for your wax melts. A great way to stock up with beautiful fragrances.

    Candle and Wax Melts Subscriptions - 5% to 15% Off

    Discover our subscriptions on the items below and unlock discounts of 5% to 15%. There is no minimum subscription period. Amend, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

    • Classic Candles in Tins, Signature Candles.
    • Signature Reed Diffusers.
    • Hand Wash and Hand Lotion.
    • Tealights and Wax Melts.

    Available for delivery monthly, once every two months or once every three months. 

    • On every month subscription, 15% off the retail price
    • Once every 2-months subscription, 10% off
    • Once every 3- months subscription, 5% off. 

    Tips for using a wax melt

    • Use a wax melt burner that is the correct size for the number of wax melts you are using.
    • Place the wax melt in the centre of the reservoir so that they melt evenly.
    • Keep the wax melt burner clean to prevent the wax from burning.
    • Replace the wax melts when they start to lose their fragrance.

    Wax Melts Burners

    All our wax melts burners require a tealight to melt the wax and range from stylish ceramic wax melt burners to individually handmade burners. Go to Wax Melts Burners...