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  • Candle Refills- Reed Diffuser Refills - Replacement Reeds


    Don’t throw away your candle or reed diffuser containers, it’s super simple to refill them. Reduce, Reuse and Refill.

    Candle Refills

    • Remove any remaining wax from the container and give the container a good clean.
    • Open your candle refill and locate the wick sticker on the bottom of the candle. Remove the sticker.
    • Place the candle refill wax into the container and firmly push to ensure that the wick sticks to the bottom of the container.

    Reed Diffuser Refills

    • Your diffuser oil refill is within a resealable screw cap 100mls bottle.
    • Clean the diffuser container if you are refilling with a different fragrance.
    • Pour sufficient liquid into the diffuser container but no further than to the neck of the bottle.
    • If you do not use all the 100mls refill at once, seal the bottle with the screw cap to keep it fresh for its next use.

    BENEFITS of Refills

    • Environmentally Responsible – We are trying our best to be eco-friendly and maybe you are too! If you don't need a brand new candle or diffuser, using refills leaves a much lower carbon footprint.
    • Lower Costs - Refills tend to be 25% less than the price of a new candle or diffuser. And if you but a refill with a new candle or diffuser, you can get a further 10% of the price of the refill.
    • Choose a New Fragrance – Of course you can choose to refill your candle or diffuser with the same fragrance, but why not try a different one. Just clean out the glass container, refill and off you go!
    • Replacement Reed Diffuser Reeds (or Sticks) - If you decide to buy a refill for your reed diffuser, we recommend that you change the diffuser reeds at the same time.
    • Our Refills - Whether its refills for your candles or diffusers, you know that our refills are both vegan and cruelty free. They are shipped in plastic free packaging and all shipping is carbon neutral.