muud Evita Project Bag

Premium Handcrafted Leather Box with Lid

Exclusive storage box from muud made in genuine leather. Evita is the perfect choice for the discerning maker looking for a beautiful storage solution for creative projects and accessories.

The beautiful Evita box is made by hand using premium quality leather. This gives you a long-lasting storage solution that will age with beauty. The warm leather surface has an exclusive look that will make for a beautiful addition to any home décor – whether placed on a table, a shelf in your workspace or at a dresser in your living room.

When loosening the leather band, the hexagonal box unfolds. Use the practical lining pockets to keep your embroidery yarns, knitting needles and accessories neatly organised.

Also available in a larger size - more information, Evita XL Project Bag


Height: 12 cms [4.75 inches]
Length: 22 cms with lid [8.5 inches]
Width: 26 cms with lid [10 inches]
Material: Leather
Lining: Polydrill with a smooth surface to ensure easy maintenance

Care information:  muud Care & Clean - more information
Leather colour - Whiskey or Black.