Hand dyed scarves with 100% natural dyes

Hand dyed woollen scarves in cotton, silk and wool using 100% pure natural dyes.

Hand dyed Organic Cotton Mull using Arashi Shibori and the other a resist technique with natural botanical dyes. Silk scarves are hand dyed using the chikuwa shibori binding technique, traditionally using bamboo rings. Once binding is complete, the scarf is dipped in our organic indigo vat. This scarf was dipped 10 to 12 times to produce the deep navy colour.

Handwoven 100% fine Merino Wool scarves, twill woven scarf.  A beautiful warm but lightweight scarf, lovely drape hand dyed with Natural Botanical dye. Base colour of scarves were either grey or cream. Madder, Cochineal, Cutch, Logwood and Fustic

Due to the handcrafted nature of our scarves, variations, small spots and slight uneven colour is normal and expected and this is part of the beauty of a hand made, hand dyed product.