Cohana - Himeji Leather Pouch

Cohana Himeji pouches are perfect for storing your sewing and crafting necessities.

The beautiful leather pouches are reminiscent of plump flower buds, their shape spreads out like a flower in bloom when you loosen the string, allowing you to use these pouches as accessory cases. Their size makes them perfect for holding sewing tools and accessories and convenient for carrying. 

The Himeji leather is tanned with vegetable tannins extracted from plants without using chemicals. During this process, the leather turns into a fine, white leather that is then dyed with beautiful colours to create the signature Cohana shades. The button is made from wood, and the cotton cord is wax-coated.

As with all Cohana products, they are beautifully packaged in a small box which make them such a wonderful gift.