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    Handmade Candles

    Artisan, Handcrafted and Hand Poured in Small Batches

    Candles are beautiful products to have in your home whether for their looks, for their fragrance or the relaxing ambience they create. Or maybe all of these! But what is the difference between handmade candles and mass-produced candles? Ultimately, many of the differences will depend on personal preferences.

    • How is the candle made?
    • Do you want to support smaller businesses?
    • Are the candles vegan and cruelty free?
    • Are the candles eco-friendly or not?

    All of these factors are part of the buying decision as well the importance of price. 

    Eco-Friendly Handmade Candles

    Eco-friendly and sustainable products are important to us and that is why we choose soy wax (or other plant-based waxes) for our candles. We also choose wood wicks and lead-free cotton wicks. All our candles are handmade, and hand poured by us at our FelinFach Studio in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. Each part of the creation of your candle is made by hand and handmade by us in small batches.


    Handmade candles. Hand poured, artisan candles, handmade in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.
    Handmade candles. Hand poured, artisan candles, handmade in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK, available in our online shop, click here...


    Modern-Day Candle Chandler - Handmade and Hand Poured Candles in Tins

    A Candle Chandler? - "a maker and seller of tallow, wax candles, and also usually soap".

    We are a modern-day handmade candle chandler, hand pouring candles in tins but also other fragrance items such as reed diffusers, tealights and wax melts. Our eco-friendly handmade candles are created from sustainable and renewable plant-based candle waxes and many of our candles have wooden wicks to create that delightful candle wick crackling.




    Our Handmade Candles

    We have a range of handmade candles, including smaller candles in tins, the luxurious 3-wick candles and our FelinFach 'signature' style candles. Our well known and much-loved signature candles are made in matt white and grey glass jars with branded oak wood lids and are finished with a wood wick. Beautiful, artisan handmade candles and fragrances, part of the beauty of handmade products.

    Handmade candles, wax melts and tealights. Hand poured in small batches in west Wales
    Handmade candles, hand poured in our Candle Studio in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...


    What Does Handmade Mean?

    All home fragrance products are handmade in small batches and hand poured with personal care and attention - part of the beauty of a handmade product.

    The making of hand poured candles in small batches is literally a manual handmade process. There is no machinery or mass production involved at any stage of the making. After we have melted the soy wax, the wax is poured by hand into our glass candle jars or tins. We place the candle wicks in the centre of the candles and wait for the wax to harden. As this is a manual process, hand poured candles can be repeated but can never be exactly the same, part of the beauty of a handmade, hand poured candle! 


    Handmadec andels, hand poured soy wax candles Handmade candles - cut glass geo candles


    FelinFach Candle Studio

    All our candles, diffusers and other home fragrance products are handmade, and hand poured in our Candle Studio. They are handmade in small batches, no mass production machinery in here!

    Handmade candles, hand poured in small batches in the FelinFach Candle Studio



    Handmade Candles - Sustainability

    Why Soy Wax?

    All our¬†Candles,¬†Wax Melts and Tealights are made from Soy Wax or a Soy and Coconut wax blend ‚Äď they do not contain any paraffin waxes. We¬†believe that soy wax candles are an eco-friendly and sustainable product, provides the longest, safest, cleanest burn and also has excellent fragrance-holding qualities.


    Sustainability is a core part of our business activities. Whether it is our carbon neutral shipping, our tree planting with Tree Nation or our plastic free products and packaging, we are improving our sustainability step by step. Sustainability, click here for more information... Our three priority aims are as follows.

    Sustainability - Carbon zero emissions on all our deliveries and shipping

    Working with Shopify Planet, all our shipping emissions are automatically calculated and are reduced to ZERO with appropriate carbon offsets. Our contributions fund cutting-edge carbon removal projects that have the potential to reverse climate change.


    Sustainability - Biodegradable plastic free packaging from sustainable sources

    All of our packaging, parcel boxes and protective materials are recyclable or biodegradable and are 99.9% PLASTIC FREE



    Sustainability - Biodegradable plastic free packaging

    We believe that over 99.9% of our products do not contain any plastic at all. As a matter of policy, we do not offer plastic products for sale. Our packaging and our products are over 99.9% plastic free. We believe that we are close to "Plastic Freedom". 

  - a Net Zero Website

    Whilst we can and do reduce our carbon emissions wherever possible, for the foreseeable future we cannot eliminate them. That is why we have teamed up with Tree Nation to create our Net Zero Website - a website that produces net zero carbon emissions. 

    In partnership with Tree Nation, our Net Zero Website automatically offsets all the CO2 emissions our website generates. Tree Nation calculates our website's emissions based on the number of visits it receives. On the basis of this calculation, we buy and plant the trees needed in our FelinFach Forest to offset these emissions completely,100%.

    Net Zero Website Tree Planting with Tree Nation

    The carbon emissions generated by our website are offset or reduced to zero by planting trees we buy from Tree Nation. Our website emissions, less our carbon offsets equal a net zero emissions website. Click here to see our FelinFach Forest.


    Candles and Soapery - Knowledge Base and Customer Support Portal

    Extensive Candle-Care Resources all in One Place

    If you need the full low-down on our chandlery, candle and soapery products, we’ve got all the details and information you’ll need in our Knowledge Base. Browse through these articles and experience all your candle-care resources in one place, click here... 


    Candle Safety

    It is always important to treat your 3 wick candles safely and with care. Please note the follow candle care advice... 

    • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
    • Place candles on a stable surface away from flammable objects.
    • Keep candles out of reach of children and pets.
    • Extinguish candles before going to bed or leaving the house.
    • Do not place candles too close together.

    More information on Candle Safety and Care, click here...


    About FelinFach

    Welsh Blankets - Hand woven in in Wales in limited numbers Wool Throws - Hand woven in Wales Chandlery - Handmade Candles, Reed diffusers, tealights and wax melts - hand poured in Wales  Craft Courses - Natural Dyeing Gift Cards - By Post or by Email


    Located in Pembrokeshire Wales, our ethos is defined in the three words...


    We are a proud supporter of the Campaign for Wool, Global Welsh and Red Dragon America.


    Last updated 12th August 2023

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