Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin Rugs - A Timeless Classic

Sheepskin Rugs - Ethically sourced in natural off white, Jacob rare breed fleeces
Sheepskin Rugs - Ethical Sourced in Natural Fleece Colours


Sheepskin rugs are one of the world’s most luxurious and iconic rugs and are the ultimate in comfort and beauty. Their gorgeous characteristics will add warmth, colour, and texture to any room in your home.

Regardless of how often trends change on the interior design market, this timeless classic never goes out of style. Interior designers throughout the world favour sheepskin rugs. They are also known for their beautiful appearance and plush, thick texture - these rugs are effortlessly stylish, warm, and cosy. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, a sheepskin rug will be a chic, stylish addition to any room in your home.

Sheepskin Rugs from FelinFach

Our luxury sheepskin rugs are selected for their natural colours, markings in the fleece and their softness to touch. Each sheep fleece is unique and there will be some variations in the colour and in particular, the markings on Jacob sheep fleeces – the famous Jacob dark brown spots will not be in the same place on each sheep! Minor variations in colour and fleece markings are part of the beauty of owning a 100% natural handmade sheepskin product!

Sheepskin rugs single - natural off white Sheepskin rugs single - natural off white with colour markings Sheepskin rugs single - Jacob rare breed fleece


Sheepskin rugs - natural off white, double size Sheepskin rugs quad- natural off white  

Without exception, our sheepskins are authentic, 100% natural whole perfect skins and fleeces - they are not ‘manufactured’ or sewn together from pieces with other synthetic materials. We do not offer 'faux sheepskin rugs' or any artificial rugs, that have been dyed or bleached. Our sheepskin rugs are not available in any other retail outlets.

They will make a great rug for floors, sofas or can enhance the decoration in any room in your home. In addition to their primary use as a traditional rug, there is a vast array of other ways they can add that special touch to your home. For example, a single sheepskin can be used as a plush bathmat or placed under a desk in a home office or study. Another popular use for such rugs is as an additional layer of warmth on a bed or to cover up with when relaxing on an easy chair or sofa. Ultimately, the ways in which rugs of this type can add charm to your home are limited only by your imagination.

Sheepskin Rugs Colours

Sheepskin rugs are now available in an almost impossibly large variety of colours. At FelinFach we only stock sheepskins in their natural colours - we do not dye or bleach our fleeces.

  • Natural 'White' – ‘off white’, ivory or cream, the traditional colour of the majority of sheep in the world. They are not 'White' - to achieve a white fleece would be unnatural and would require extensive bleaching - we do  not dye or bleach our sheepskin rugs.
  • Rare breed sheep fleeces such as Jacob with the iconic dark brown spots and other shapes
  • Natural White with natural colour highlights (not artificially dyed) usually coffee or grey colours

Size Guide

Sheepskin rugs are now available in a wide variety of sizes but unlike most other floor rugs, they are not of a uniform shape be that square, rectangular or round. The single sheepskin, however, remains the all-time favourite amongst many. Whilst the single sheepskin rug does remain the popular choice, double sheepskin rugs, quad sheepskin rugs (four fleeces sewn together) and larger sizes are also available. We measure our rugs from the longest and widest points on the fur side (not the suede underside) as this is how they are intended to be seen. As all-natural sheepskins are different the colours, patterns, shapes, and exact sizes may vary slightly by up to 10% from those illustrated on the site.

Currently we have sheepskin rugs available in a single fleece size, double (two fleeces sewn together side by side) and Quad (two double fleeces sewn together side by side. 

Sheepskin Rug Cleaning and General Care

Sheepskin rugs are extremely durable and hard wearing and with a little care and attention can be beautiful addition to your home for many years to come. Although sheepskins can be machine washed on a gentle wool cycle with a specialist wool detergent, professional dry cleaning is recommended.

We do not recommend machine washing a sheepskin - if possible hand wash your sheepskin. If you need to machine wash it, use a wool wash cycle on a very low temperature, no hotter than 30 degrees, using a specialist wool shampoo. Please do not use biological washing powders, soap-based powders, soap flakes or conditioners. Also, please do not use any bleach or wash the rugs in hot water. Lastly, please do not tumble dry or dry them on a radiator.

Always dry naturally, away from any direct heat and direct sunlight. Once your sheepskin rug has completely dried, give it a good shake and another brushing.

Sheepskins Sourcing and Farming

All our sheepskin rugs are made from sheep born, bred and farmed in the UK in natural outdoor grazing environments. We do not import sheep for the making of sheepskin rugs. Our British sheepskins are a by-product of the farming industry, an industry which has some of the highest standards of animal welfare in the world. These sheep are not bred and farmed to solely to produce sheepskin rugs.

About FelinFach

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