Candles in a Tin

Candles in Tins

5 Benefits of Candles in a Tin

Handmade candles come in a variety of containers such as glass jars but also nowadays, in tins. In our tin candles, there is no difference in the quality of the wax and the fragrance between a candle in a tin and one in a glas jar. The main benefits of tin candles are.

  • Protection - Tin does not break like candle glass containers. Of course, they can be dented but they will never completely break like glass.
  • Candle Lids - Every candle in a tin comes with a lid. This often not the case with glass jar candles. Lids keep out dust and dirt but also help to keep the candle fragrance preserved until you are ready to light the candle.
  • Transportable - due to their durability, tin candles are much easier to transport to anywhere such as to friends and family, events such as weddings or parties etc. It is for this reason they are sometimes referred to as travel candles.
  • Affordability - Candles in tins are usually a more affordable choice of candle as the tin casings cost less than glass. 
  • Outdoor Events - candles in tins re a great option for outdoor events, camping barbeques etc as they are less prone to being knocked over due to their relatively large base.


Candles in a Tin available in matt white or matt silver coloured tins
Candles in Tins. Hand poured candles with premium soy wax and eco-friendly cotton wicks, available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...

Candles in a Tin - Questions and Answers

Q1. Do candles burn better in tin or glass?

  • Due to the difference in heat resistance of glass and tins (glass is more resistant) the scent throw can be different. Typically, the scent throw is more pronounced from candles in a tin whereas the throw is more subtle from glass jars. 

Q.2 Do the tins get hot when the candle burns.

  • In a word, yes! Best to be sure how hot it is before picking it up especially when the wax has almost been used up. 
Q.3 How do you clean tin candles when the wax has been use up?
  • Candle wax shrinks as it freezes and so should just fall out of the tin when turned upside down.
  • The amount of time it will take for the wax to freeze will vary but could be say 20 to 30 minutes or many hours.
  • Once most of the wax is out, a bit of hot water and soap will get the tin clean.

 Q4. What type of wax is best for candles in tins.

  • All types of wax are suitable for a candle in a tin. We use natural soy wax in all our candles.

Q5. Are the tins recyclable?

  • In the UK they are like all other tins cans. You should check in your country for local regulations.

    Q6. How long do Tin Candles last?

    • Like other candles under ideal conditions candles in tins will burn for 25 to 50 hours depending on their size.
    • Trim the wick to about 5 millimetres or a quarter of an inch before lighting the wick.
    • If there is any debris in the candle after your last burning, its best to remove it.
    • Keep your candles out of draughts, if possible


    Modern Day Candle Chandler

    A Chandlery? - "a handmade maker and seller of tallow, wax candles, and also usually soap". We are a modern-day candle chandler, hand pouring candles in tins using traditional methods and skills but also other fragrance items such as reed diffusers, tealights and wax melts.

    Our Handmade Candles in Tins

    Our candles in a tin are handmade and hand poured by us in our Candle Studio in Pembrokeshire, Wales. 

    • Handmade using the finest, natural soy wax, the same wax as in all our candles.
    • Infused in nostalgic, evocative premium high-grade natural fragrances that can calm, energise, or uplift
    • Available in a choice of matt white or matt grey coloured tins, with approximately 100 grams of soy wax. 
    • Packed in plastic free, recyclable boxes and internal packing materials
    Candles in a Tin with a Lid




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