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Reed Diffusers

Hand Poured Reed Diffusers

Eco-friendly, hand poured reed diffusers with essential oils and natural fibre reeds.  All our oil diffusers are vegan and cruelty-free... always!

Hand poured reed diffusers made din Wales with essential oils
Hand poured Reed Diffusers available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...

Our range of luxury homemade reed diffusers are hand poured with a recipe of using pure fragrance oils. They are a great way to add beautiful fragrance to any room in your home. Our diffusers are designed for a cleaner and longer lasting scent.

10 Tips to get the best from your Reed Diffuser

  • Reed diffusers are flame-free. The scent will disperse into your room naturally. As there is no flame, there is also no soot and no risk of fire. This makes reed diffusers more practical for home with children and pets.
  • Place your diffuser away from direct sunlight and direct heat such as radiators and fireplaces. Both will reduce the natural life of your diffuser.
  • Don’t place your diffuser beside an open window. The fragrance oil will deplete quicker and lessen the strength of the scent.
  • Place your diffuser at 'nose' level - not on the floor and not on a high shelf.
  • Larger rooms with high ceilings may require more than one diffuser. Start with one diffuser and see if the scent fills the room. For small rooms, you can try using less reeds in the diffuser.
  • Point your natural fibre reeds in different directions to assist the circulation of the scent.
  • To help circulate the scent of your diffuser, try placing it in part of your house here there is natural movement - try not to place them in a corner of a room.
  • Your diffuser should last last for weeks and and up to say three months. If the scent starts to reduce, try turning the reeds upside down.
  • Never add water to the diffuser oils or mix the scents with other diffusers.
  • Lastly, spills do occur! Place your diffuser on a coaster or other place mat to avoid any stains on wood or other surfaces.

Vegan-Friendly Diffuser Base 

Our reed diffuser base meets the strict “non-GMO” standards and regulations of EC 1829/2003 and 1830/2003). None of the processing aids used in the production of our diffuser base contains or consists of GMOs and are not produced from GMOs. No antioxidants, preservatives, nanomaterials or glycol ethers are used at any stage of its manufacture.

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Last update 8th June 2022