Candlemas Day

Candlemas Day - 2nd February

Candlemas Day is an important celestial day as it is halfway between the shortest day of the year (21/22 December) and the Spring Equinox 21/22 March). Ancient folklore foretells that the worst of winter is over. In both heathen and Christian calendars, it is a day for lighting candles and celebrating the return of the light.

We celebrate Candlemas Day each year with a special Chandlery range of handmade candles, reed diffusers, tealights and wax melts.

When is Candlemas? Candlemas Day 2023 is Thursday 2nd February.

Candlemas Day - 2nd February
Candlemas Day, a festival of candles. All FelinFach candles are made with Soy wax from Soybeans plants. Soy wax candles are available from our FelinFach online shop, click here...



Christian Festival

Candlemas is a traditional Christian festival 40 days after the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also known as the

  • Feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ
  • Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary

On this day, Christians remember the presentation of Jesus Christ in the Temple. Forty days after the birth of a Jewish boy, it was the custom to take him to the temple in Jerusalem to be presented to God by his thankful parents.

It was the day of the year when all the candles that would be used in the church during the coming year, were brought into church and were blessed. It would become known as the festival of candles, or Candlemas Day.

Candlemas Weather Rhymes and Proverbs

All the rhymes and proverbs are weather related. Basically, if the weather is sunny or good, the rest of the winter would be bad. If the weather was wet or windy, fair weather was coming. 

  • "If Candlemas Day be fair and bright, Winter will have another fight. If Candlemas Day brings cloud and rain, winter won't come again", is perhaps the best known.
  • When Candlemas Day comes fierce and rough, Winter is gone far enough. When Candlemas Day comes bright and clear, the worst of the winter is to appear.
  • If Candlemas Day is fair and fine, the worst of winter is left behind.
  • If the wind's in the east on Candlemas Day, there it will stick till the first of May


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