Cohana - Seki Mini Scissors Gift Box

Seki Mini Scissors in the matching colour wrapping. Great for a gift to your loved ones!

How small can the very best scissors be? Adorable and remarkably sharp Seki Mini Scissors.Simply pinch lightly to cut cleanly through thread, cloth, or other thin material with ease. Scissors come with a genuine leather case for convenient portability, and each pair is adorned with a beautiful silk tassel from Tassel Studio MARIMO in Fukuoka Prefecture.

The Seki Mini Scissors fit easily into a bag, pocket, or toolbox. Both practical and stylish, they're a great backup to shears in a pinch and make for an excellent gift. Choose from multiple tassel colours for a tiny tool suited perfectly to your own style.

Approx size:
Package size, Width, 112mm, height, 30mm, depth, 95mm. 
Product size, Length, 35mm. width, 22mm, Thickness, 12mm.