The Naming of FelinFach

The Naming of FelinFach

FelinFach is an independent Welsh company based at a 200 year old former flour mill in the Welsh speaking, rural Preseli mountain area of Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. 

FelinFach is based in the Preseli Mountains - Mynyddoedd Preseli. Welsh blankets, welsh tapestry blankets, Hand dyed yarn

Natural Traditional Handmade 

These three words guide the provenance of all the products on our website. We design and make handmade cushions, throws, bedding and hand-dyed yarn with 100% natural botanical plant based colours and extracts. We also design traditionally woven Welsh blankets and Welsh tapestry blankets which are woven for us in local mills. We use the fabrics from these local mills to make our handmade Welsh wool crafts. We use wherever possible, wool from quality rare-breed sheep. We also make hand dyed scarves from cotton, silk and wool and also hand bound note books. Our Craft Courses and workshops feature hand dyeing yarn and other fibres with natural dyes only.

Preseli Mountains - Hills. Welsh blankets, Welsh tapestry blankets, Hand dyed yarn and Hand bound books

FelinFach, "Little Mill" and the Logo

For many years, FelinFach operated from a room in the main house (the big mill) for sewing but when it became not big enough for work, it moved to a renovated studio building in the garden. We had spent ages thinking of a name for the business without anything making sense. Then inspiration - we had always called the studio building in the garden, the little mill and FelinFach means "little mill" in Welsh and from then on the business name became FelinFach. The logo came from the two capital letter F's in our name, toppled over to form mountain peaks, symbolising the Preseli mountains where we live and work.

FelinFach comes to life

FelinFach had started as a 'pie in the sky vision' but had somehow turned into a real possibility for a rural business. As the website was developed, and as my work space was built, the possibility of having a business began. On a personal note, I have been dyeing wool, knitting, sewing and quilting for longer than I care to remember and certainly willing to tell! But the opportunity had now arrived where I could spend more time on my favourite pastime designing and making Welsh wool blankets and throws, handmade quilts, cushions and hand-dyed yarns with natural colours - FelinFach had come to life.

Craft Courses

FelinFach now offers craft courses and workshops on hand dyeing yarn and other fibres with natural dyes only. All courses are held in a purposed designed building, the Felinfach Dye Studio. Our natural dyeing craft courses were featured in The Knitter magazine in November 2021.  All the hand dyed yarn and scarves for sale on this website were dyed by the tutor of the craft courses.

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Last updated - 1st December 2021