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  • August 04, 2023 3 min read

    Environmental Impact of the Internet

    Our website is a very, very small part of the World Wide Internet as a whole. Nevertheless, even a small website such as has a real and measurable impact on the environment.

    The main sources of emissions from websites are:

    • Data centres: Websites are stored on servers, which are housed in data centres. Data centres require a lot of energy to power the servers, cool them down, and keep them running.
    • Internet traffic: When you visit a website, your computer sends a request to the server that hosts the website. This request requires energy to be transmitted over the internet.
    • Video streaming: Video streaming is a major driver of internet traffic and emissions. The more videos you watch online, the more emissions you generate.

    All these activities use electricity and create carbon dioxide.

    Sustainability is a core part of our business activities. Whether it is our carbon neutral shipping, our tree planting with Tree Nation or our plastic free products and packaging, we are improving our sustainability bit by bit, step by step.

    Net Zero Website from 1st August 2023

    Whilst we can and do reduce our carbon emissions wherever possible, for the foreseeable future we cannot eliminate them. That is why we have teamed up with Tree Nation to create our Net Zero Website with effect from 1st August 2023 - a website that produces net zero carbon emissions. 

    In partnership with Tree Nation, our Net Zero Website automatically offsets and reduces all the CO2 emissions our website generates, wherever that is int he world. Tree Nation calculates our website's emissions based on the number of visits it receives. On the basis of this calculation, we buy and plant the trees needed in our FelinFach Forest to offset these emissions completely,100%.

    Net Zero Logo on Website

     We now are able to proudly show this logo on our website, shown in the Footer of each page.

    Net Zero Website Tree Planting with Tree Nation
    FelinFach, a net zero website
    The carbon emissions generated by our website are offset or reduced to zero by planting trees we buy from Tree Nation. Our website emissions, less our carbon offsets equal a net zero emissions website.


    Tree Anniversary 4th August

    Exactly a year ago today, this tree (main image on this page) was planted as part of our FelinFach Forest to offset the CO2 emission of our website. This tree and others reduce our website emission to zero, a net zero website. Each tree receives a certificate of planting. The certificate



     Tree Nation Certificate


    Sustainability - Zero Emissions, One Product = One Tree and Plastic Free Products and Packaging


    Our three priority aims are as follows.

    Sustainability - Carbon zero emissions on all our deliveries and shipping

    Working with Shopify Planet and Tree Nation, all our shipping and website emissions are automatically calculated and are reduced to ZERO with appropriate carbon offsets. Our contributions fund cutting-edge carbon removal projects that have the potential to reverse climate change.


    Sustainability - Biodegradable plastic free packaging from sustainable sources

    All of our packaging, parcel boxes and protective materials are recyclable or biodegradable and are 99.9% PLASTIC FREE



    Sustainability - Biodegradable plastic free packaging

    We believe that over 99.9% of our products do not contain any plastic at all. As a matter of policy, we do not offer plastic products for sale. Our packaging and our products are over 99.9% plastic free. We believe that we are close to "Plastic Freedom". 


    About FelinFach

    Welsh Blankets - Hand woven in in Wales in limited numbers Wool Throws - Hand woven in Wales Chandlery - Handmade Candles, Reed diffusers, tealights and wax melts - hand poured in Wales  Craft Courses - Natural Dyeing Gift Cards - By Post or by Email


    Located in Pembrokeshire Wales, our ethos is defined in the three words...


    We are a proud supporter of the Campaign for WoolGlobal Welsh and Red Dragon America.


    Last updated 4th August 2023

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    Carbon-neutral shipping with Shopify Planet
    Carbon neutral shipping on all orders
    shipping emissions removed
    That's like...
    miles driven by an average gasoline-powered car