Thread and Maple - Needle Holder Slip

Needle Holder Slip

This versatile Needle Holder is handmade in the same quality leather as the clutch. Its clever design has five slotted pockets to accommodate extra sets of interchangeable needles, crochet hooks , stitch repair hooks and/or cable needles you may need for your projects. Slip it into the Notions Clutch or use it as a standalone knitting needle organizer.

Measurements |  H 21 cm (8.25ins) W 14.5 cm (5.75ins)

Needle pocket sizes:
(1) XS: H 1.5cm (0.5ins) D 10.75cm (4.25ins)
(1) S: H 2 cm     (0.75ins) D 10.75cm (4.25ins)
(2) M: H 3cm    (1.25ins) D 10.75cm (4.25ins)
(1) L: H 4cm      (1.5ins) D 10.75cm (4.25ins)