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Yma o Hyd - Welsh Song

Yma o Hyd Lyrics

Yma o Hyd (sometimes misspelt as Yma o'hyd) is an iconic song composed by Dafydd Iwan in the early 1980's, literally translated as "still here". Today it is maybe more popular than when it was first performed. It is regularly heard in sporting and political events in Wales and around the world.

Yma o Hyd Audio Track

To hear the song performed by Dafydd Iwan and Ar Log, click here...

Yma o Hyd - Song composed by Dafydd Iwan, sung by y Wal Goch, the Welsh football supporters.
Yma o Hyd as sung in Cardiff City Stadium. More "All About Wales Articles", click here...

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Yma o Hyd Meaning and Translation

Yma o Hyd translates into English, literally as "still here". The meaning of yma o hyd? It tells the story of how the Wales and the Welsh language has survived since Roman times against all the odds and despite everything and everybody, Wales and the Welsh language is "still here". 

Rugby, Football, y Wal Goch and Yma o Hyd

The song is regularly sung at the Scarlet's rugby matches and of late is very prominent with the Wales football team and their supporters. It is now the unofficial anthem of the Welsh foitball team.  Prior to the World Cup qualifying matches of 2022, Dafydd Iwan performed his song live to the Welsh supporters (Y Wal Goch - the Red Wall) and helped the Welsh football team to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1958!

Diolch i'r Wal Goch - 5th June 2022
Y Wal Goch - Wales qualify for the World Cup, 5th June 2022


Yma o Hyd - Geiriau Cymraeg

Dwyt ti'm yn cofio Macsen
Does neb yn ei nabod o
Mae mil a chwe chant o flynyddoedd
Yn amser rhy hir i'r cof
Pan aeth Magnus Maximus o Gymru
Yn y flwyddyn tri-chant-wyth-tri
A'n gadael yn genedl gyfan
A heddiw: wele ni!

Ry'n ni yma o hyd
Ry'n ni yma o hyd
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Ry'n ni yma o hyd


Chwythed y gwynt o'r Dwyrain
Rhued y storm o'r môr
Hollted y mellt yr wybren
A gwaedded y daran encôr
Llifed dagrau'r gwangalon
A llyfed y taeog y llawr
Er dued yw'r fagddu o'n cwmpas
Ry'n ni'n barod am doriad y wawr!

Ry'n ni yma o hyd
Ry'n ni yma o hyd
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Ry'n ni yma o hyd

Adael ein gwlad yn un darn
A bloeddiwn gerbron y gwledydd
'Mi fyddwn yma tan Ddydd y Farn!
Er gwaetha pob Dic Sion Dafydd
Er gwaetha 'rhen Fagi a'i chriw
Byddwn yma hyd ddiwedd amser
A bydd yr iaith Gymraeg yn fyw!

Ry'n ni yma o hyd
Ry'n ni yma o hyd
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Er gwaetha pawb a phopeth
Ry'n ni yma o hyd

Yma o Hyd Lyrics - (English)

You don't remember Macsen,
nobody knows him.
One thousand and six hundred years,
a time too long to remember.
When Magnus Maximus left Wales,
in the year 383,
leaving us a whole nation,
and today - look at us! 

We are still here,
in spite of everyone and everything 

Let the wind blow from the East,
let the storm roar from the sea,
let the lightning split the heavens,
and the thunder shout "encore!"
Let the tears of the faint-hearted flow,
and the servile lick the floor.
Despite the blackness around us,
we are ready for the breaking of the dawn! 

We are still here,
in spite of everyone and everything


We remember that Macsen the Emperor
left our country in one whole piece.
And we shall shout before the nations,
"We'll be here until Judgement Day!"
Despite every Dic Siôn Dafydd,
despite old Maggie and her crew,
we'll be here until the end of time,
and the Welsh language will be alive! 

We are still here,
in spite of everyone and everything...

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