Welsh National Flower - 50 Flowers in Welsh

Flowers in Welsh

Welsh National Flower - Daffodils and Leeks

At the top of the list of 50 flowers and herbs (and some weeds) is the Welsh National Flower, the Welsh daffodil which is traditionally worn on St. David’s Day. The vegetable called a leek is also considered to be a traditional emblem of Wales.

Welsh National Flower - Welsh Flowers
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There are many explanations of how the leek came to be adopted as the national emblem of Wales. One is that St David advised the Welsh, on the eve of battle with the Saxons, to wear leeks in their caps to distinguish friend from foe. As Shakespeare records in Henry V, the Welsh archers wore leeks at the battle of Agincourt in 1415. Whatever the background and history, today leeks are worn on St David's Day and at every rugby international in Cardiff.


Welsh Flower (Blodyn) and Welsh Flowers (Blodau)

Welsh Flowers, the humble Leek - mentioned by St David and Shakespeare and still worn proudly today
  1. Cenhinen Bedr,Welsh Daffodil 
  2. Cenhinen,  Leek
  3. Banadl, Broom
  4. Barf y afr, Goat's beard
  5. Blodau'r gog, Cuckoo flower
  6. Blodyn y gwynt, Wood Anemone
  7. Blodyn yr haul, Sunflower
  8. Blodyn neidr, Pink Campion
  9. Blodyn ymenyn, Buttercup
  10. Bonet nain, Columbine
  11. Briallen, Primrose
  12. Briallu mair, Cowslips
  13. Bysedd y cŵn, Foxglove
  14. Camri, Chamomile
  15. Carn yr ebol, Coltsfoot
  16. Ceian, Carnation
  17. Celyn y môr, Sea holly
  18. Clychau'r gog, Bluebells
  19. Craf y geifr, Ramsons (Wild garlic)
  20. Crinllys, Dog Violet
  21. Dant y llew, Dandelion
  22. Delia, Dahlia
  23. Eithin, Gorse (pl)
  24. Eirlys, Snowdrop
  25. Eirys, Iris
  26. Fioled, Violet
  27. Ffriddlys, Anemone
  28. Grug, Heather
  29. Gwlydd y perthi, Cleavers (Goosegrass)
  30. Gwyddfid, Honeysuckle
  31. Gwynonwen, - Lilly of the Valley
  32. Helyglys hardd, Rosebay Willowherb
  33. Lafant, Lavender
  34. Lili Wen Fach, Snowdrop
  35. Llin y llyffant, Toadflax
  36. Llygad y dydd, Daisy
  37. Menyn,Buttercup
  38. Meillion, Clover
  39. Pabi Cymreig, Welsh Poppy
  40. Pidyn y gog, Wild Arum (Cuckoo pint)
  41. Saets, Sage
  42. Rhosyn,Rose
  43. Rhosyn y gwyllt, Wild rose (Dog rose)
  44. Suran y coed, Wood sorrel
  45. Teim, Thyme
  46. Trilliw, Wild pansy
  47. Troed y iâr, Bird's-foot trefoil
  48. Troed y llew, Lady's mantle
  49. Uchelwydd, Mistletoe
  50. Ysgallen, Thistle

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