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    Welsh for Hello

    Welsh Words, Welsh Sayings, Welsh Phrases

    This Page forms part of the Welsh Words section (Click here...) of this website which gives an English language translation for useful Welsh words, sayings, phrases and idioms.


    Welsh for Hello - Formal and informal greetings
    Welsh for Hello - Other Useful Welsh Words, Phrases and Sayings click here...
    1. HelĂ´/HylĂ´ - Hello and can be used as formal and informal greetings.
    2. Sut mae (North Wales) or Shwmae (South/West Wales) - Literally meaning "how is it", they are used in everyday life as a standard greeting alongside the more informal "HelĂ´" when you meet someone.
    3. Haia - very informal greeting that can be heard all over Wales. It is identical to the English hiya.
    4. Ti'n iawn? - very similar to the English "Alright".
    5. HelĂ´/HylĂ´, sut mae - Hello, how are you>


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    Welsh for Hello, how are you

    The Welsh words for "How are you" are Sut Mae (more north Wales) or shwmae (more South and West Wales). 
    Welsh for Hello, how are you
    Two people meeting for a coffee and saying "Helô - shwmae" - Hello, how are you


    In addition to these greetings, in common use are the greetings, Bore da, (Good Morning), Prynhawn Da (Good Afternoon) and Noswaith Dda (Good Evening) etc. 

    Other Welsh Phrases, Sayings and Idioms 

    Further information on the most searched for "What is this word in Welsh" sayings, please visit our Page, "Useful Welsh Phrases, Sayings and Idioms.

    You may be interested to know that a popular question asked of us is, "what does Cwtch, cwtches or cwtching mean"? (Cwtch is pronounced as in "butch" in English). Perhaps literally, it means to cuddle or to hug and in that regard there is a saying, "anyone can cuddle but only the Welsh can cwtch". It does have another meaning is a cubbyhole or cupboard; a small space in which to store things safely, such as an under stairs cupboard. Often heard, "give me a cwtch", or "they are cwtching", it should make anybody feel safe, warm and comforted.


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