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CLP Law for Candles

Classified, Labelled and Packaging (CLP) – UK Law

Products Statement

All FelinFach candles and melts are CLP compliant with UK law and have been since the law was introduced in 2015.

CLP UK Law for labelling of handmade candles
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What is CLP

The CLP UK law requires candles and melts to have labels which contain the following information;

  • A warning statement, a warning triangle and and relevant safety pictograms
  • Contents, fragrances and ingredients
  • Weight of candle (not the candle and the bottle or other container)
  • Name, address and telephone number of the candle/melts maker

CLP Example Label and Warning Pictograms

CLP Example LabelCLP Warning CLP - Don't leave burning candles unattended CLP - Don't leave burning candles with children or pets CLP - Don't leave burning candles next to inflammable materials  

We also have available Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for each of our candles and fragrances.