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    Botanical Yarns

    Our botanical yarns are produced from the finest British wool and are hand dyed in small batches in our FelinFach Dye Studio. By using quality fibre, including locally sourced Welsh yarn, and sourcing ethically produced botanical plant dye extracts, we are able to produce beautiful hand dyed yarn, silk, cotton and other natural fibre. The botanical yarns are dyed using ancient natural dyes such as Madder, Weld, and Cochineal, to name a few, in their natural form as well as extract.  

    Hand dyed botanical yarns with natural dyes may be repeated but they can never be exactly the same.

     Botanical Yarns. Hand dyed yarn with natural dyes
    Botanical yarns, hand dyed with natural dyes, available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...


    Natural Dye Colours

    The colours from natural dyes are enthralling. Hand dyed botanical yarns with natural dyes may be repeated but they can never be exactly the same. The process will depend on where the dyestuff was grown, how and when it was harvested, the fibres being dyed, and the method of application we use - part of the beauty of a handmade product!

     Botanical Yarns, hand dyed with natural dyes in small batches Botanical Yarns, hand dyed in small batches with natural dyes


    Hand Dyed Botanical Yarns


    Meaning of Botanicals

    Botanicals Meaning

    The definition of botanicals is "of or relating to plants or botany, derived from plants and a substance obtained or derived from a plant".

    We refer above on this page about our hand dyed botanical yarns and that we source ethically produced botanical plant dye extracts, such as Madder, Weld, and Cochineal. Almost all our natural dyes are plant based, such as Madder and Weld but some are derived from insects, such as Cochineal. To be clear, we do not use any synthetic dyes at all in our hand dyeing processes - all our dyes are 100% natural dyes and in almost all cases, botanical plant based dyes.

    Hand Dyed Botanical Yarns

    At FelinFach, we define botanical yarns as yarns that have been hand dyed with 100% natural dyes.


    About FelinFach

    Welsh Blankets - Hand woven in in Wales in limited numbers Wool Throws - Hand woven in Wales Chandlery - Handmade Candles, Reed diffusers, tealights and wax melts - hand poured in Wales  Craft Courses - Natural Dyeing Gift Cards - By Post or by Email Welsh Tartan Scarves Sheepskin Rugs

    Our company is located in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Our ethos is defined in the three words,   NATURAL TRADITIONAL HANDMADE.

    We are a proud supporter of the Campaign for Wool, All Things Wales, Global Welsh and Red Dragon America.

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