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Amirisu Magazine

What is Amirisu

Amirisu, a bi-annual knitting magazine first published in 2012 writing about the finest yarns, beautiful textiles and selected tools from all over the world.

Amirisu - Amirisu, a knitting magazine first published in 2012 writing about the finest yarns, beautiful textiles and selected tools from all over the world.
Amirisu, a bi-annual luxury knitting magazine available at the FelinFach Online Shop, click here...

Amirisu Magazine

The magazine amirisu, which was first published in 2012.Before starting the company, only two people started online. From the beginning, it was bilingual in English and Japanese, and started with two parts, an article and a knitting method.

Started printing in 2014, currently there is no online version, and it is published as a magazine twice a year.There is a Japanese version and an English version.It is sold at some Tsutaya bookstores in Japan and at about 200 stores in 24 countries around the world (as of January 2021).


Amirisu - bi annual knitting magazine published in Japan


There are lots of contents such as patterns of domestic and foreign knit designers, interview articles, sewing and other handmade projects, craft city guides and so on.

Amirisu - Founders

In 2011, the two people who met in the year of the earthquake, who love knitting, started an online magazine the following year. With the support of many volunteers, I was able to become independent as a business two years later.

>My hobby became a job, the business I started with just two people became a company, and now I have more employees, but the process was very natural and organic. Our main goal is not to overdo it because we have done what we love, to make ourselves, our customers, and our business partners happy, and to continue for a long time freely.

In the process, the joy of hand-crafting whatever you use, the wonder of cherishing it for a long time, and "doing it yourself, not buying" the handicrafts that were natural only a few decades ago but are now being lost. I would like to spread this not only in Japan but also in the world.


Meri Tanaka

Born in 1975, from Tokyo. After working as an editor of the architectural magazine A + U (new construction company), an entrepreneur, a strategy consultant (currently Strategy & under PwC), and a customer experience department manager of AIG Japan Holdings, he re-joined the consulting farm in 2013 ( Currently the Corn Ferry Group). She has been incumbent since 2014.She is a master's scholarship student at Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law (Environmental Economics), California University Davis (Environmental Design), and a Master's degree at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering (Urban Design / Environmental Area Planning).

Tokuko Ochiai
Born in 1974 in Nagasaki Prefecture. After graduating from the University of Library and Information Science (now Tsukuba University), she got married and moved to Shizuoka, Okinawa, Kanagawa, and Kansai due to her husband's transfer. She got a senior knitting qualification in her early 30s and she started her career as a knitting instructor. She continues her teaching career as a freelance teacher, including the Japan Handicraft Association. Her book is "Fashionable World Knit Recipes-Let's Enjoy Knitting with English Patterns" (BNN).


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