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Welsh Phrases, Welsh Idioms and Welsh Sayings

Before we get to the ten most popular internet searches today for Welsh idioms (idiomau), Welsh phrases or Welsh sayings, the top two questions asked of us is, "what does Cwtch, cwtches or cwtching mean" and w"hat is Welsh for Dragon"? (Cwtch is pronounced as in "butch" in English). Perhaps literally, it means to cuddle or to hug and in that regard there is a saying, "anyone can cuddle but only the Welsh can cwtch". It does have another meaning is a cubbyhole or cupboard; a small space in which to store things safely, such as an under stairs cupboard. Often heard, "give me a cwtch", or "they are cwtching", it should make anybody feel safe, warm and comforted. Welsh for dragon - it is Draig and the Draig Goch (Red Dragon) is featured on the flag of Wales!!!

Back to the ten (eleven actually!!) most searched for "What is this word in Welsh" sayings;

Most Popular Searches for Welsh Phrases,
Welsh Idioms, Welsh Sayings or Welsh Expressions

Welsh Words

Happy birthday in Welsh

Penblwydd hapus

Hello in Welsh

Helô  or Hylô

Thank you in Welsh


Happy St Davids Day in Welsh

Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus

Happy birthday in Welsh

Penblwydd hapus

I Love you

Rwy'n dy garu di

How are you in Welsh

Sut mae or Shw mae

Good morning in Welsh

Bore da

Merry Christmas in Welsh

Nadolig Llawen

Happy New Year in Welsh

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Goodnight in Welsh

Nos da
Welsh for dragon Draig

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Since 2011, after the Welsh Language Act,  the Welsh Language has equal legal status in Wales to English. The Act appointed a Welsh Language Commissioner whose main aim is to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language. This entails raising awareness of the official status of the Welsh language in Wales and by imposing standards on organisations. This, in turn, aims to establish the rights for Welsh speakers.

Currently approximately 20% of welsh people speak Welsh with an unknown number of Welsh Language speakers in England and internationally.

Here is a mere smattering of popular words, Welsh sayings (both funny and humorous) , Welsh idioms or basic Welsh phrases that are being added to on a regular basis and on request. Some of the most asked for phrases include funny Welsh phrases or even common Welsh phrases such as Happy birthday, Thank you, Hello and I love you in Welsh. Also many request what does Cymru am Byth, Nadolig Llawen and Penblwydd Hapus mean in English. For a longer list see below.

Welsh Phrases or Welsh Idioms


Wales General

What is the country Wales in Welsh? Cymru
What is Cardiff in Welsh? Caerdydd
What's Wales' parliament called in Welsh? Senedd
What is the Welsh language in Welsh? Cymraeg
What is Welsh Language in Welsh? Yr iairh gymraeg
What does "Cymreig" mean? It means relating to Wales but NOT the Welsh language - the Welsh Office in English is "y Swyddfa Gymreig"
What is the name of the Welsh National Anthem? "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau" - loosely translated as The Land of my Fathers
What is Saint David's Day, or Happy Saint David's Day? Dydd Gwyl Dewi or Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus
What is Wales for ever? Cymru am byth
What is Home in Welsh?

Ein Cartref (Our home) - Mynd adref or Adra (going home).

Adra is a North Wales version of Adref. 

What is Welsh for Sheep? Dafad (one sheep), Defaid more than one sheep


What is Hello in Welsh Sut mae, Shw mae
What is Good Morning in Welsh Bore da
What is Good afternoon in Welsh Prynhawn da
What is Good evening in Welsh Noswaith dda
What is Good night in Welsh Nos da
What is Goodbye in Welsh Hwyl fawr, da bo chi
What is You're welcome in Welsh Croeso
What's your name in Welsh Beth ydy dy enw di
What is My name is ... Fy enw i ydy ...
What is How are you Sut wyt ti
What is Good thank you Da iawn diolch
What is Please Os gwelwch yn dda
What is Thank you Diolch yn fawr
What is Good health in Welsh Iechyd da
What is Congratulations in Welsh Llondgyfarchiadau
What is Best wishes in Welsh Dymudiadau gorau
What is Good luck in Welsh Pob lwc
What is Well Done in Welsh Da iawn

Birthdays and Love

What is Happy Birthday in Welsh? Penblwydd hapus
What is Happy Birthday to you in Welsh?

Penblwydd hapus i ti ( to friend or a child)
Penblwydd hapus i chi (to a senior or to a less familiar person)

What is I love you in Welsh Rwy'n dy garu di
What is Love in Welsh Cariad
What is Lots of love from  in Welsh ... Llawer o gariad oddiwrth ...

Times of the Year

What is Winter in Welsh? Gaeaf
What is Summer in Welsh Haf
What is Autumn in Welsh Hydref
What is Spring in Welsh Gwanwyn
What is Christmas in Welsh  Nadolig
What is New Year in Welsh Blwyddyn newydd
What is Easter in Welsh Pasg
What is Happy Christmas in Welsh Nadolig Llawen
What is Happy New Year in Welsh Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Welsh Idioms and Welsh Expressions

Cenedl heb iaith yw cenedl heb galon A nation without a language is a nation without a heart
Yn cerdded yn ling di long

To dilly dally
("To loiter or walk casually")

Ar y gweill

In progress
("On the (knitting) needles")

Mae hi'n bwrw hen wragedd a ffyn  Its raining cats and dogs
(“It's raining old ladies and sticks”)
Cyntaf i'r felin caiff falu

First come, first served, the early bird catches the worm
("First to the mill will get to grind")

A ddwg ŵy a ddwy fwy

A leopard never changes his spots 
("He who steals an egg will steal more")

Angel pen ffordd, diawl pen tân

Charming to outsiders, a devil in the home, two-faced
("An angel on the road, a devil at the fireplace")

Cannwyll fy llygad oedd fy mab

My son is the apple of my eye
(“My son is the candle of my eye”)

Nid aur yw popeth melyn

All that glitters is not gold
(“Everything yellow isn’t gold)

Unwaith yn y pedwar amser 

Once in a blue moon
(“Once in the four seasons”)

Mae'n draed moch arna fi

I've made a complete mess of something
("There is pigs feet on me")

Ei wynt yn ei ddwrn

He/She's in a great hurry
(“with his breath in his fist”)

Siarad fel melin bupur

Talks no-stop
(“Talks like a pepper mill”)

Llygad ei lle

Absolutely correct
(“eye of his/her place”)

Rhoi'r ffidil yn y tô

To throw in the towel
("Put the fiddle in the roof")

Paid â chodi pais ar ôl piso

Don't cry over spilt milk
("Don't raise your petticoat after peeing")

Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg

Perseverance is the key to success
(“Tapping consistently will break the stone”)

Mae'r euog yn ffoi heb neb yn ei erlid The guilty flee with no one chasing them
Hir yw pob aros All waiting is long
Heb ei fai, heb ei eni He who is without fault is not born
Gorau prinder, prinder geiriau The best shortage is a shortage of words
Deuparth gwaith yw ei ddechrau Starting your work is two thirds of the work
A fo ben, bid bont He who want to be a leader should be a bridge
A ddwg ŵy a ddwg fwy He who would steal an egg will steal more
Côf a lithr, llythyrau a geidw Memory slips, letters remain
Dywed yn dda am dy gyfaill, am dy elyn dywed ddim Speak well of your friend; of your enemy, say nothing
Gwell swllt dda na sofren ddrwg Better a good shilling than a dud sovereign
Gwell fy mwthyn fy hun na phlas arall Better my own cottage than the palace of another
Gair i gall, ffon i’r anghall A word to the wise, a stick to the unwise.
Haws twyllo maban na gwrachan A boy is easier cheated than an old lady
Na ad i’th dafod dorri’th wddf Let not your tongue cut your throat.
Segurdod yw clod y cledd A sword’s honour is its idleness.
Haws twyllo maban na gwrachan A boy is easier cheated than an old lady
Heb ei fai, heb ei eni He who has no faults is not born

A fynno glod, bid farw

The best way to gather praise or recognition is to die


About FelinFach

Our company, FelinFach Natural Textiles is located in the heart of the Preseli area of Pembrokeshire near to Boncath. We design Welsh blankets and the iconic Welsh Tapestry blankets which are traditionally woven at Welsh mills. We also design and make natural hand dyed yarn, cotton, silk and wool scarves and other handmade products. We also offer Sheepskin Rugs, Gift Cards and tools and books for crafters and knitters - Cocoknits, Laine, Amirisu and Making to name a few!. We are a proud supporter of the Campaign for Wool and Global Welsh.

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