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​Welsh Phrases, Welsh Idioms, Welsh Words

Since 2011, the Welsh Language has equal legal status in Wales to English. Currently approximately 20% of welsh people speak Welsh with an unknown number in England and internationally.

Here is a mere smattering of popular words and phrases in the Welsh language that is being added to on a regular basis on request. Some of the most asked for phrases include, what's is Happy birthday, Thank you, Hello and I love you in Welsh. Also many request what does Cymru am Byth, Nadolig Llawen and Penblwydd Hapus mean in English. For a longer list see below. 

 Welsh Phrases or Welsh Idioms Answer
Wales General
What is the country Wales in Welsh? Cymru
What is Cardiff in Welsh? Caerdydd
What's Wales' parliament called in Welsh? Senedd
What is the Welsh language in Welsh? Cymraeg
What does "Cymreig" mean? It means relating to Wales but NOT the Welsh language - the Welsh Office in English is "y Swyddfa Gymreig"
What is the name of the Welsh National Anthem? "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau" - loosely translated as The Land of my Fathers
What is Saint David's Day, or Happy Saint David's Day? Dydd Gwyl Dewi or Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus
What is Wales for ever? Cymru am byth
What is Hello in Welsh Sut mae, Shw mae
What is Good Morning Bore da
What is Good afternoon Prynhawn da
What is Good evening Noswaith dda
What is Good night Nos da
What is Goodbye Hwyl fawr, da bo chi
What is You're welcome Croeso
What's your name Beth ydy dy enw di
What is My name is ... Fy enw i ydy ...
What is How are you Sut wyt ti
What is Good thank you Da iawn diolch
What is Please Os gwelwch yn dda
What is Thank you Diolch yn fawr
What is Good health Iechyd da
What is Congratulations Llondgyfarchiadau
What is Best wishes Dymudiadau gorau
What is Good luck Pob lwc
Birthday and Love
What is Happy Birthday in Welsh? Penblwydd hapus
What is Happy Birthday to you?

Penblwydd hapus i ti ( to a friend or a child)
Penblwydd hapus i chi (to a senior or to a less familiar person)

What is I love you Rwy'n dy garu di
What is Love Cariad
What is Lots of love from ... Llawer o gariad oddiwrth ...
Times of the year
What is Winter in Welsh? Gaeaf
What is Summer Haf
What is Autumn Hydref
What is Spring Gwanwyn
What is Christmas Nadolig
What is New Year Blwyddyn newydd
What is Easter Pasg
What is Happy Christmas Nadolig Llawen
What is Happy New Year Blwyddyn newydd dda

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