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  • Botanical Inks - Sappanwood

    Botanical ink, handmade in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.  

    Eastern Brazilwood also known as Sappanwood is native to SE Asia and India and is considered one of the exotic red wood dyes that produces wonderful red, lavender and purple shades. It is similar in colour to the endangered Brazilwood, but this dye plant is easily propagated and not considered endangered or threatened. It was traded along the Silk Road and was used by medieval dyers, also known as a medicinal herb as well as producing a brilliant colour. An ethically produced ink using a medieval recipe producing a vibrant pink.

    This ink is lovely to use on its own but will also look great with our Walnut and Oak Gall inks.

    Usage Tips: This is a natural product pigment settlement is normal. Shake well before use, it is recommended that you decant a portion of ink into your ink well or dish with the included pipette. Any unused ink can be returned to the bottle using the pipette, rinse this after use to avoid build up of ink.

    Ingredients: Sappanwood, Distilled Water, Alum, Gum Arabic and Essential oil.

    Dimensions: 30mls - A heavy bottomed glass bottle also comes with a pipette.
    Ink Care: Store out of direct sunlight
    Eco-Friendly: Reusable Bottle and Lids, 
    Plastic free, recyclable and biodegradable.

    All our natural inks are made in small batches. If there isn't enough for your project, email us here and we can make your order in one batch to ensure colour consistency.