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  • How Do Reed Diffusers Work

    How to get the best from your Reed Diffuser?

    What is a Reed Diffuser?

    A Reed diffuser consists of three parts.

    • a container, usually a glass jar.
    • the diffuser oil containing your chosen fragrance.
    • reeds (long sticks) to absorb the diffuser oil.

    They can vary in size but most popular is a 100 ml reed diffuser glass jar.  

    How does the Reed Diffuser work?

    Reed Diffusers disperse fragrance into a room or a home, not by a candle with a lighted flame but from reeds inserted into glass jars. These glass jars contain diffuser oils which are infused with fragrance oils. As the reeds absorb the oils, the fragrances are released or evaporated into your home.

    They are easy to use, have the safety advantage of being flameless and do not require any heat to release the fragrances. Once your reed diffuser oil is finished you can refill the bottle or wash it and use as a single stem vase.

    How do reed diffusers work?
    How do Reed Diffusers Work? Hand poured Reed Diffusers available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...


    How Long will my Diffuser last?

    There are many factors that will impact on how long the fragrance will last. Modern homes and offices will have central heating and maybe air conditioning. The placement of your diffuser will also be a factor. Our advice is to place your reed diffuser away from direct heaters and fires and in a place with little air movement. In these circumstances, a 100ml glass jar should last 3 or 4 months. 

    How to Care for Your Reed Diffuser

    Here are some tips for getting the best from your reed diffusers.

    • Your new reed diffuser will come with a number of reeds. You can increase or decrease the strength of the fragrance by changing the number of reeds. More reeds will increase the strength of the fragrance, less reeds will achieve the opposite. 
    • More reeds will absorb more diffuser oil and you will have to replace the oil more often.
    • Once you notice that the strength of the fragrance is fading, turn the reeds upside down, to expose the so as to expose the more saturated ends.
    • Let your diffuser oil evaporate completely before refilling. After you have washed and dried the glass jar, you can refill with the same or a new fragrance.
    • The best advice is not to mix fragrances and certainly don't put any water into the glass jar to dilute the oil in an attempt to make it last longer.

    Our Reed Diffusers

    Our reed diffusers are hand poured in small batches at our FelinFach Studio in Pembrokeshire. Our reed diffuser base is a premium natural base designed for optimal fragrance throw. We blend this with premium high-grade fragrance or essential oil recipes to create a range of evocative fragrances to suit any mood. 


    Each reed diffuser is available in our matt Grey or matt White glass bottle with an oak cap and tiny oak brand button. An unobtrusive yet contemporary choice that matches our handmade candle range. Our reeds are grey fibre reeds that are custom made for use in reed diffusers and tend to clog less frequently than rattan reeds.

    Our diffuser oil is vegan, not tested on animals and is free of phthalates and parabens. 


    About FelinFach

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    Last updated 16th November 2023

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