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    Colours in Welsh

    The colours of the rainbow (Enfys) have extra dimensions to some other languages - the words for colours are different for masculine and feminine nouns and some plural colours and are still widely used in modern day Welsh.

    25 Beautiful Colours - Enfys
    Colours in Welsh. Rainbow - Enfys, all colours of the spectrum. More Useful Welsh Words, click here...



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    Colours, plurals and feminine versions of colours to Note

    Blue and Green in Welsh

    Glas means Blue, Gwrydd means Green. For example, a "blue car" is "Car Glas". But if you wish to describe a field as a "green field", in Welsh it is "Maes Glas", Glas means blue but when describing vegetation such as, leaves, grass, fields, pastures or foliage, glas means green!! 

    • Maes glas - green field
    • Tir glas - green land
    • Ynyslas - green island
    • Dail glas - green leaves


    Some Welsh colours have plural versions that are still in common use today

    • Y Gleision, the Blues
    • Crysau Duon, Black shirts (also the All Blacks)
    • Drysau Gwyrddion, Green doors, 

    Masculine - Feminine

    Some Welsh colours have feminine versions when describing feminine nouns that are still in common use today

    • Het werdd, green hat
    • Het wen ar ei phen, a white hat on her head,
    • Car gwyrdd, green car
    • Pel wen, white ball
    • Ty gwyn, white house

    25 Colours in Welsh

    1. Arian, silver
    2. Aur, gold
    3. Beis, beige
    4. Brown, brown
    5. Coch, red
    6. Du, black
    7. Efydd, bronze
    8. Fioled, violet
    9. Fflamgoch
    10. Glas, blue
    11. Glasgoch, violet
    12. Gwinau, auburn
    13. Gwyn, white
    14. Gwyrdd, green
    15. Hufen, cream
    16. Llwyd, grey
    17. Llwydfelyn, beige
    18. Melyn, yellow
    19. Melyngoch, orange
    20. Oren, orange
    21. Pinc, pick
    22. Piws, purple
    23. Piwswyn, purple
    24. Porffor, purple
    25. Rhudd, crimson

    The Colours of the Rainbow, Children's Song

    Lliwiau Enfys - Rainbow Colours

    Coch a melyn a fioled a glas,
    Porffor ac oren a gwyrdd.
    Dyma lliwiau enfys,
    Lliwiau enfys
    Lliwiau enfys hardd.

    Red and yellow and violet and blue,
    Purple and orange and green,
    Here are the colours of the rainbow,
    Colours of the rainbow,
    Colours of the beautiful rainbow.


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