Welsh Yarn - 100% Pure kid Mohair

A Welsh yarn produced from local Angora Kid goats (Kid Mohair is obtained from kids six and twelve months of age. At eighteen months and two years of age the mohair is then classified as young goat) A soft luxurious yarn with a wonderful lustre, spun in DK weight.

Hand dyed using three different dye baths. Pomegranate producing a beautiful soft Old Gold, Chestnut which produced a lovely Smokey Grey and Himalayan Rhubarb a softer lighter shade of Vintage Gold. (The second image shows the difference in shade of the Gold yarn)


100g Skein (Himalayan Rhubarb has a centre pull 100g cake)

This is a hand-crafted product and therefore it is possible for there to be shade differences between skeins. It is recommended to alternate the skeins every few rows to avoid striping of colour or shade.

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