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Tir Glas Organic Scarf

Organic wool scarves are a rare handmade product, traditionally woven on age old looms in Wales. The organic wool in these blankets are certified by the Soil Association with respect to the farms and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for the mill where the blanket was woven. Organic wool comes from sheep that have not been exposed to chemicals like pesticides and are kept in humane and good farm conditions.

There are two colour choices. A Welsh Mountain 'Black' with a blue one strand stripe. The other is a blend of Welsh Mountain (which is actually a very dark brown wool) and Shetland 'white' creating a lovely herringbone pattern which also has a blue one strand stripe running through. Both have a long purled fringe.

Organic scarves are highly desirable handmade products of great scarcity.

Size: 193 x 23 cms (inc Fringe)