Tegryn - Alpaca and Cashmere Scarves

Add a touch of luxury with one of our supersoft Alpaca or Cashmere scarves.

Cashmere scarves are available in two colours, Camel and Charcoal, and Amethyst and Magenta. Cashmere has been used to make yarn, textiles and clothing for hundreds of years. Our luxury collection of Cashmere scarves, effortlessly combine warmth, comfort and elegance.

Alpaca scarf is a durable, luxurious and sublimely soft lightweight scarf or wrap.  Due to the generous size it can be used as both.  Alpaca wool is celebrated for its warmth and hypoallergenic qualities.  This Alpaca yarn is from the Plains of the Peruvian Andes and is of the finest quality.  The colour is the natural Fawn colour of the fleece.

Cashmere - approx size: - 190cms x 25 - [75 inches x 10]
Alpaca       - approx size: 200cms x 60 - [78 inches x 24]