Sheepskin Rugs - Quad Fleeces

Luxurious sheepskin rugs from Britain's oldest sheepskin tannery, established over 200 years ago and still producing rugs using traditional processing techniques. All our sheepskins are from sheep born and ethically bred in the UK in natural outdoor grazing environments. Our quality British sheepskins are a by-product of the farming industry that would otherwise go to waste - they are not bred to produce sheepskin rugs. Our sheepskins are available in three different colours and in generous sizes.

Natural Off White, an ivory and cream - definitely not pure white as no dyes are used. 

An entirely natural product, the rugs are as soft as a feather, cosy, look beautiful and have many uses. They would look just as good draped over a sofa or bench inside or outside, as they would as a lovely addition to any room as a floor rug. 

Please note that the patterns and colours of the fleeces will vary from fleece to fleece - these are natural products. Double and Quad fleece rugs are made to order and therefore are not returnable. 

Approx Size:       193 cms x 122 - [76 inches x 48]
Approx Weight:  5.0 kgs - [11lbs]
Two Doubles sewn side to side at it's longest and widest