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  • Selvedge Magazine Issue 106 May/Jun 2022

    Issue 106 - Cloth and Identity
    Published 15 April 2022

    Selvedge Magazine is published six times a year covering every facet of textiles – interiors, fashion, art, craft, travel and shopping – in an intelligent and inspiring way with quality writing, stunning photography and original illustration.

    • CAPTURE THE FLAG Military Colours
    • TREASURE CHEST Palestinian Embroidery
    • FLYING HIGH An Interview with Pham Huy Trung
    • ON THE WEARY ROAD American Civil War Quilts
    • THE ROYAL STANDARD The Queen: a Fashion Icon
    • FLAG DOWN Colonial Crafts Legacies
    • HOLDING PATTERN Matisse and his Love of the Romanian Blouses
    • FUSION FASHION Ganga Maki: Cross-Cultural Identity
    • UNIFORM PATTERNS Patchwork & Military Fabrics
    • OUTLAW'S FLAGS The Embroidered Work of Jakkai Siributr
    • RALLY ROUND THE FLAG  Flags of Identity
    • STUFFED SHIRT Romanian Blouses: A History
    • CUT TO RIBBONS Military Ribbons
    • PUBLIC DOMAIN Cultural Intellectual Property
    • FASHIONING IDENTITY The Role of Fashion in Israeli Nation Building 
    • STATUS SYMBOL Symbols & Patterns in Romanian Blouses
    • FLYING THE FLAG Asafo Flags

    Published 15 April, 2022