Rhif Un (Number 1)

Brand new Welsh tapestry blankets, Carthenni in Welsh, pure new wool bed cover in red and white 'portcullis' Caernarfon pattern with a large fringe edging. This is a double sided blanket and is fully reversible. If used as a bed cover, it will drape to the floor (Bed Sizes) or it will cover a double bed and drape approximately 12 inches over each side.

The mill calls this Pattern Number One as it was the first tapestry blanket woven in the mill over 100 years ago. It seemed appropriate that it should be our first tapestry blanket too and this is why we have named the tapestry "Rhif Un" (pronounced "reeve een") or Number One.

Size: - 100" x 75" (250cm x 185cm)
Weight 3.3 kilograms

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