muud Edy Case

Handmade Leather Pouch for Pointed Needles

Keep your pointed needles organised with Edy from muud. Edy is a beautiful leather pouch, designed for pointed needles. Whether you love embroidering, crocheting, sewing, or knitting, pointed needles are must-haves in your toolbox. But like many other small tools, they tend to get lost or misplaced. The Edy pouch helps to keep your pointed needles organised and easily accessible. The pouch is made by hand of genuine leather in premium quality that will age with beauty.

Place your sewing and embroidery needles on the felt pages to keep track of your needles, their sizes and shapes – at home and on the go.


Height: 10 cms [ 4 inches]
Width: 8 cms [3 inches]
Material: Leather
Lining: None

Care information:  muud Care & Clean - more information
Leather colour - Black.