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  • Candle Refills

    Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free, Carbon Neutral Shipping

    Candle refills are an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to enjoy your candles over and over again. Once your candle is finished, give it a wash and pop in a refill fragrance or maybe try a new one.

    How to Use a Candle Refill

    • Before refilling, please check the glass for any damage. Never refill a glass that is damaged.
    • Clean your used candle glass and remove any wax. Leave the safety label on the bottom of the glass jar.
    • Turn the refill upside down. Remove the sticky cover from the bottom of the base of the metal wick.
    • Place the refill in the glass jar and push down to stick the base of the metal wick to the glass jar.
    • You can now light your candle immediately or save it for a later time.

    Warning - These are NOT Free-Standing Candles

    These refills should only be used with FelinFach 190 grams Handmade Signature Candles (Signature Candles - Click here...). These are not pillar candles and should not be burned free standing. This refill does not come with a candle container.