Hand Dyed Yarn, Sock - BFL Silk

Hand dyed using natural botanical dye, the high silk content in this yarn adds an unmistakable softness, drape and luminosity.  Added to this is BFL known for its soft fleece and lustre.  A lovely blend that produces beautiful luminous colours when dyed with natural dye. 

Ideal to add a pop of colour to a project, toe and heel for socks also great for colour work.  

Recommended needle size: 2.0mm - 4.0mm depending on the fabric you require for your project.

For socks: 2.0mm - 2.5mm

For sweaters: 2.75mm - 3.5mm

For shawls: 3.75mm - 4mm (creates a loose drapey fabric)

4 Ply/Sock

50g - 200m