Hand Dyed Yarn, Lace - Merino Silk

Hand dyed yarn, British spun in a blend of 80% Extra Fine Merino 20% Silk

None of our merino fibres come from farms practising mulesing. Our Merino is therefore mulesing-free.

Lace weight yarn is the perfect weight for delicate lace shawls and weaving. They can be used with a variety of needle sizes depending on how open you would like your fabric to be.

Recommended needle size: 2.0mm - 5.0mm depending on the fabric you require for your project.

For a less open fabric: 2.0mm - 2.75mm

For lace shawls: 3.0mm - 3.75mm

For very open lace shawls: 4.0mm - 5.0mm (creates a very open drapey fabric)