Gift Set - For the desk

A lovely Cohana tool case with a few essentials- Great to carry pens, pencils, bits, and bobs but wouldn't look out of place on your desk at home. Gift set includes a handmade ceramic Christmas decoration.

Cohana Paperboard Tool Case

  • Chikamori Co. Ltd. was established in 1926 in the small town of Konan, Kochi Prefecture as a producer of high-end gift boxes.
  • Made by skilled craftsmen light and easy-to-carry square cylindrical tool case 
  • Compared to today's machine-made products, the process of crafting these exquisite boxes takes more time and manpower, but the quality is evident in the unique texture of these traditional hand crafts. Fastens with a brass button.

Cohana Brass Ruler

  • Cohana collaborated with the brand ICHIREI of Marui Techno Co. Ltd, Tochigi Prefecture to reimagine the old-school Japanese bamboo ruler in brass.
  • Precise scales are beautifully laser-engraved on the surface in the Japanese traditional bamboo ruler way. Rather than numerals, simple dots called hoshi are engraved every 2.5 cm in the traditional style so that the ruler can be used from both ends.
  • The ruler has a nostalgic but timeless feel, and the polished brass is a delight to the touch. Its gentle curve emulates the character of bamboo and fits naturally to your hands - who would have thought using a ruler could be so tactile!

Cohana Cypress Pencil

  • Solid cypress, every time you use it the scent of cypress floats softly in the air.  Decorated with delicate parquet florets made of 2 mm sq pieces of wood made by hand.
  • The scent of cypress is said to have a relaxing effect, this set includes a bag to keep the shavings of the pencil so that you can enjoy it for a while after sharpening. Includes a cap of leather. 

Cohana Flower Push Pins

  • Mother-of-pearl pins in a flower motif are cut from oyster shells. Finished with delicate golden pins made in Hiroshima, known for producing fine needles.  Use them on your wall or cork board and they look like little flowers blooming.  A lovely alternative to the normal pin board pins!