Gift Set - Parquet Pencil Set

Who says a pencil sharpener can't be a beautifully crafted addition to your desk? A handcrafted Cohana pencil sharpener set. Gift set includes a handmade ceramic Christmas decoration.

Cohana Asanoha Parquet Pencil Sharpener

Any artist knows that a crisp, sharp pencil lead is essential to the process of crafting and design.

  • The lid features a traditional Japanese pattern known as Asanoha, based on a type of hemp leaf. The intricate design is crafted with various hardwoods by hand in a parquet technique called Yosegi-zaiku by the master craftsman at Yosegi Koubou Ag.
  • The pencil sharpener itself is created by Nakajima Jukyudo, the only manufacturer in Japan who specialises in small pencil sharpeners

Cohana Cypress Pencil

  • Solid cypress, every time you use it the scent of cypress floats softly in the air.  Decorated with delicate parquet florets made of 2 mm sq pieces of wood made by hand.
  • The scent of cypress is said to have a relaxing effect, this set includes a bag to keep the shavings of the pencil so that you can enjoy it for a while after sharpening. Includes a cap of leather. 

Cohana Brass Paperweight

  • The beautiful button-shaped Brass Paperweights are exquisitely designed with expert craftsmanship. The brass finish shimmers subtly in the light and adds an elegant feel to your space