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Fragrance Oil

Luxury, vegan friendly, hand made soaps, made in Wales. 

  • Black Tie - A rich Oriental spicy scent of warm fragrant cardamom, a hint of clove and smooth woody teak woods. Originally intended to be one for the men but it has proved to be popular with both sexes. 
  • Cucumber - Crisp and refreshing, a sophisticated blend of cucumber, marine notes and waterlily. A really bright ‘clean’ fragrance, another unisex option. 
  • Cysur (Comfort) - The ultimate comforting scent, Cysur is reminiscent of almond cookies – delicious!

All of the luxury soap bars are vegetarian and vegan friendly and palm free only high quality food-grade oils and butters are used in the handmade process. Give your skin the treat it deserves, every day.