Cresselley Throw.  Traditionally hand woven in Wales using local Texel fleece combined with Welsh Black Mountain. Woven in a herringbone design and finished with a purled fringe. The Texel fleece provides the cream colour in the warp and the Welsh Black is in the weft. 

This throw has a small flaw which was caused by a warp thread twisting that was not noticeable on the loom. It only became apparent when the fabric was returned from the finishers. This has resulted in a 'line' that effects the pattern from one fringe to the other. This is not a significant imperfection but it is also not perfect, hence the reduced price, 20% off - see images.  

Approx. Size 180 x 145cms - 70 x 54inches
Approx Weight 2.0kgs - 4.5 lbs