Cohana - Haibara Chiyogami Needle Threader

A set of needle threaders with a handle made using Chiyogami paper. 

  • The smooth texture of the high-quality Chiyogami and the stable handle make it easy to thread small needle holes.
  • The hexagonal shape is considered auspicious, symbolizing harmony and stability, and has long been used for celebrations and special gifts.
  • A set of three in different Chiyogami designs to match the Haibara needle sets
  • Paper design ONAGADORI and BOTAN - This gorgeous pattern depicts long-tailed roosters and peonies, which are symbols of wealth, nobility, and prosperity.
  • KUMIKI - Wooden puzzles fun geometric pattern with a motif of Japanese traditional craft wooden puzzles
  • Paper design HYOTAN - Gourds this pattern represents the abundance of fruitfulness and is auspicious for good luck and good fortune – To ward off misfortune

Three needle threaders in a set.