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  • Cocoknits - Stitch Stoppers

    No more stress about lost stitches when you take your work out of your project bag! Cocoknits' colourful foam stoppers slide all the way onto your needles (not just on the tip) to secure your stitches.  

    They are also handy for slipping onto interchangeable needle cords to keep your stitches from sliding off while you try on your top-down garment or use your needles elsewhere.

    This selection comes with four each of six sizes to accommodate needle sizes 2-10mm US 0-15.

    Product Details

    • Accommodate needle sizes 2–10 mm (US 0–15)
    • 4 each of 6 sizes
    • 24 pieces total
    • Made of EVA foam

    How to Use

    • Slide all the way on to your needles (not just the tip) to hold stitches. Use them to turn any double-point or circular needle into a stitch holder.
    • Slide the Stitch Stoppers onto circular needles or interchangeable needle cords to keep stitches secure while you are trying on your top-down knitted garments.