British spun Mulberry Silk - Extra Fine Merino Blend

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A truly stunning yarn made from Extra Fine Merino wool and Mulberry Silk. With an amazing handle and lustre, this yarn is true luxury.  Due to two different fibres the dye is taken up differently throughout the skein.  Combined with our dyeing technique, this has enabled use to produce a beautiful, amazingly soft, semi solid tonal skein in a stunning array of blues.  This would make a beautiful shawl.  Ideal for scarves, cowls, baby or toddler knitting, warp or weft .... the possibilities are endless!

Hand dyed using Saxon Blue

50% Mulberry Silk 50% Extra Fine Merino Wool

This is a hand-crafted product and therefore it is possible for there to be shade differences between skeins. It is recommended to alternate the skeins every few rows to avoid striping of colour or shade.



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