British Blue Faced Leicester and Masham Blend Yarn

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A British yarn using a blend of Blue Faced Leicester and natural brown Masham.  When hand dyed due to the contrast of the brown Masham we are able to produce a lovely, faded, mellow colour. 

Soft yarn with lovely handle great for socks, hats, shawls, gloves, felting.  Use in the weft for weaving or warp and weft on a Rigid Heddle loom.  Why not use with the undyed yarn as a contrast - a natural selection!  Endless possibilities ...

Hand dyed using Logwood.

75% BFL 25% Mid Brown Masham

This hand dyed yarn is a hand-crafted product and therefore it is possible for there to be shade differences between skeins. It is recommended to alternate the skeins every few rows to avoid striping of colour or shade.