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Why Choose a Wood Wick for a Candle?

Wood wick candles are a great alternative to traditional cotton wicks, and they are a good complement to our handmade candles. Our premier natural double wood wicks are made from 100% wood and are an eco-friendly and sustainable product. Each wood wick candle burns cleanly and disperses fragrance excellently and are prized for their unique aesthetic and sensory experience. These wicks also create an enhanced atmosphere with a soft, relaxing crackle sound known as the wood wick candles crackle, similar to that of a log fire.

Wood Wick Candles - our handmade candles with wood wicks create the wood wick candles crackle sound
Wood wick candles - handmade candles with soy wax - available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...


7 Benefits of Wood wick Candles

1. Are all Wood wicks the same?

    There are three main types of wood wicks - single-ply, booster, and spiral.  Single-ply wicks are used in paraffin wax candles - we do not make any paraffin wax candles. Booster or double wicks work well with natural waxes such as soy wax candles and we use the booster wood wicks for a cleaner longer burn. Spiral wicks work with all waxes and produce a lot of heat. - currently we do not use spiral wood wicks.

    2. Non-Toxic and Safe

    These wood wicks contain no paraffin, lead or any other toxic chemicals. They are 100% wood and non-toxic.

    3. Clean and Even Burn

    Wood wick candles are designed to heat your wax evenly, allowing you to get the most out of your candle. Our candles flame equally on all sides, giving you a clean and even burn. This means that you won't have to worry about the candle burning unevenly and leaving a wax residue on the sides of the container. Wood wick candles make less soot than conventional wicks. Before each burn, trim off the charred part of the wick and you’ll have a clean, bright and even burn every time.

    4. Woodwicks Burn Longer

    Wood wick candles burn at a slower rate than cotton wicks. Comparing a wood wick candle to one with a cotton wick under equal conditions, these candle burns more slowly allowing you can enjoy your candle for a longer period.

    Woodwick candles - Handmade candles with soy wax and woodwicks
    Wood wick candles - handmade candles with soy wax - available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...


     5. Light and Sound

    Like a log fire, wood wick candles generate a gentle, soothing crackling sound as they burn, the so-called wood wick candle crackle! This together with natural flame of your candle creates a super relaxing environment whilst burning your candle. The cut of a wood wick gives your candle a distinctive modern feel, further adding to the improved ambiance of any room. You just don’t get this with a cotton wick.

    6. Eco Friendly and Sustainably Sourced

    Our wood wicks are what they say, that is 100% wood. They are eco-friendly and sustainable products sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mills. Wood wicks are more sustainable than cotton wicks, as they can be harvested with sustainable forestry methods, with thousands and thousands of wood wicks coming from a single tree. 

    7. Candles Look and Feel

    Lastly and maybe not least, and very subjectively (!!!) we believe that these candles look more pleasing to the eye than a similar candle with a cotton wick. Its aesthetic appeal as wood wick candles are known for adding a touch of elegance to any room. The crackling sound they produce while burning also adds to the ambiance, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


    Wood Wick Candles - Questions and Answers

    Q1. What are the disadvantages of candles with wood wicks?

    • Firstly, wood wicks tend to be a little harder to light mainly because they are larger and thicker than cotton wicks but longer matches help to overcome this issue.
    • Wood wicks are a little more expensive than cotton wicks.

     Q2. Should wood wicks be trimmed?

    • All wicks, cotton and wood wicks, should be trimmed before each use to about 5 millimetres (1/4 of an inch) above the wax. A candle wick trimmer is the best solution for this especially when the wax is low in the candle.

    Q3. How easy is it to extinguish a wood wick candle?

    • The best way is with a candle snuffer which make this job very easy. 
    • If your candle has a non-flamable lid, you can use that to put out the candle.
    • If you really have to blow out the candle (not recommended), avoid splashing the wax and if it smokes use a slightly damp paper towel.

    Q4. Is there a best way to light a wooden wick?

    • Try to light the wick as close to the wax as you can. Lighting the top, especially if the wick is too long, may result in the wick burning itself out before it gets to the wax.

    Q5. Can you use a cigarette lighter to light wood wick candles?

    • Yes, in a word!


    Our Handmade Candles

    A Modern-Day Candle Chandler

    A Candle Chandler? - "a handmade maker and seller of tallow, wax candles, and also usually soap".  We are a modern-day handmade candle chandler, hand pouring candles with wood wicks using traditional methods and skills.

    Our handmade candles are hand poured by us in small batches at our FelinFach Candle Studio. Our candle wax, diffuser base and fragrance oils are cruelty free and vegan. Our wax is made from natural Soy Wax or a Soy and Coconut wax blend – they do not contain any paraffin waxes. Where appropriate, our candles have wood wicks and if not eco-friendly cotton wicks.

    Chandlery - handmade soy wax candles, 3 wick candles, wax melts and tealights


    FelinFach in association with Tree Nation plants one tree for every product purchased on our website. We do not source our soy wax from countries where there has been deforestation in producing soy wax.


    About FelinFach

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