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    Soapery - Handmade, Natural and Vegan Soaps

    Soap is an everyday product in all our homes, but not all soaps are created equal!

    In our Soapery, handmade natural and vegan soaps are a better choice for your skin and the environment than commercial soaps. In recent times, the demand for these soaps has been steadily rising. Handmade natural and vegan soaps are crafted with care, using plant-based ingredients and avoiding harmful additives found in commercial soaps. Discover the numerous advantages of choosing handmade natural and vegan soap over commercial soap, highlighting their benefits for both personal health and the environment.


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    Handmade soap, vegan and natural soaps
    Soapery. Handmade soap, vegan and natural soaps, available in our online shop, click here...

    What is Handmade, Vegan, Natural Soap?

    Handmade natural soap is made with natural ingredients, such as plant oils, lye, and water. It is typically free of harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and colours. Handmade natural soap is often made in small batches, which allows the soap maker to control the quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing process.

    2. What is vegan soap?

    Vegan soap is made without any animal products including beeswax. This means that it is free of milk, honey, eggs, and other animal-derived ingredients. Vegan soap is a good choice for people who are vegan or have allergies to animal products.

    3. What is handmade Vegan soap made from

    Here are some of the ingredients that you can find in handmade natural and vegan soap:

    • Plant-based oils: These oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, are moisturising and nourishing for the skin.
    • Essential oils: These oils add fragrance to the soap and can also have beneficial properties for the skin, such as antibacterial and antifungal properties.
    • Glycerine: Glycerin is a natural humectant that helps to keep the skin hydrated.
    • Natural colourants: These colorants are derived from plants or minerals and are safe for the skin.

    4. Why is handmade natural and vegan soap better than commercial soap?

    There are several reasons why handmade natural and vegan soap is better than commercial soap.

    • It is better for your skin. Handmade natural soap is gentle on your skin and will not strip away your natural oils. Commercial soap, on the other hand, can be harsh on your skin and can dry it out. This can lead to problems such as itching, irritation, and eczema.
    • It is better for the environment. Handmade natural soap is biodegradable and compostable. This means that it will not harm the environment when it is washed down the drain or thrown away. Commercial soap, on the other hand, can contain harmful chemicals that can pollute the environment.
    • It is more sustainable. Handmade natural soap is often made with locally sourced ingredients. This helps to support local businesses and reduce the environmental impact of shipping. Commercial soap, on the other hand, is often made with ingredients that have been shipped long distances. This can contribute to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
    • It is cruelty free - no part of the process to make vegan soap involves any testing on animals. 


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